Are you thinking about getting solar on your house?

So are we! We are a handful of neighbors that decided to work together to buy solar panels at a reduced price and to promote green energy in our neighborhood. We call ourselves East Boulder Solar Coalition.

If you are considering getting solar panels, please complete the following five question survey. This information will help us talk to solar companies about getting a neighborhood deal that will work best for all. Filling out the survey does not commit you to anything. We will not share or use your email address for anything beyond this and will remove you from the mailing list at your request.

We have three goals:

  1. Learn about solar panels together. Sorting through all the information is a bit tricky. We are helping each other and Boulder County’s Sustainability office is providing lots of technical expertise to compare proposals.
  2. Negotiate as a group. Solar companies will often reduce the price of solar if a community teams together to create volume.
  3. Promote green energy. In this time of political noise at the national level, we thought we would work together in our neighborhood. Be the change you want to see!