Saga of a local energy enthusiast

I stumbled onto a nifty web site of a local energy / solar geek… err… enthusiast.  It’s chock full of his story and a wealth of links and information.  Check it out.  It includes great detail of the analysis he did before and after installing his solar system as well as ongoing and historical measurement data.  It’s a great project that includes general energy hints in addition to information specific to photovoltaic solar energy.

Program overview material; now in Tier 3

In case you could not make an information meeting, the overview can be seen here in slides format: East Boulder Solar Coalition Program Overview

You may still have questions that reading slides may not answer.  Email us or contact Custom Solar303-859-8597.  Or just go for it and sign up (by October 15 to get the group discount negotiated with Custom Solar).

Note that we are currently in Tier 3 of the participation discount – on our way to Tier 4 (see the slides for details).  Help us get there to get discounts for all and more solar energy generation for our community.

Final info meeting & new deadline: Oct 15

6:30 Tuesday, 9/19 at Lafayette Recreation Center on Baseline Road

Neighbors, if you’re interested in participating in the 30% federal tax rebate for 2017 or the Boulder county incentives, please note that many installers typically have up to 3 month contract to completion schedules, making September the ideal month to sign up. Below are the details of our current Solarize program which has a deadline of September 30 for a guaranteed 2017 completion date or October 15 to still get the group discount.

The East Boulder Solar Coalition, a volunteer group of neighbors, has worked with a local vendor to make it easy and affordable to add solar to our homes. We are now in our last few weeks if the program and would like to encourage anyone interested to get a free quote from Custom Solar.

If you have questions please free to post here or to come to our meeting next Tuesday 9/19 at 6:30 pm at the Lafayette Recreation Center. But don’t wait to get your quote, we’d be more than happy to answer questions at any time in the process!

Here are the key points:
• You can lease, buy or get a loan;
• We negotiated a price that allows folks to pick decent panels or great panels—depending on your budget and roof needs;
• There are great Boulder County rebates available right now up to $3000 for low and middle-income residents. (Likely to end in 2017).
• Boulder County provides $500 discounts to everyone right now.
• Currently, one can write off 30% of the cost on federal taxes
• Community members must sign up by October 15 to get the community discount. Customers must sign up by September 30 if you want guaranteed installation in 2017.
Why am I posting here and handing out flyers to my neighbors about solar panels?
• It is a cool community-based project!
• We all breathe the same air!
• I want cheaper panels and the more who sign up….the cheaper for all of us!
If you are interested:
• Look at our website for more information:
• Call Custom Solar to get a free estimate: 303-859-8597.
• Post questions
• Come to our last community meeting on 9/19/2017 at 6:30pm at the Lafayette Recreation Center (111 Baseline Road) to hear a presentation and get questions answered by community volunteers and the company they hired, Custom Solar.

More solar information for interested neighbors

Another community informational meeting will be held on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 6:30pm at a meeting room in Liquid Mechanics in Lafayette.  East Boulder Solar Coalition and Custom Solar will be there to answer your questions – whether you know you want to go solar, or you’re just learning about the discounts or your solar system options.  Find out  more about solar system purchasing or leasing options and the community discount program running through September 30.  Bring a friend!  Snacks provided.  Enjoy a beverage from Liquid Mechanics’ tasting room.

More  information can be found on EaBoSoCo’s Facebook page, or ask for more information via email or Twitter.  Feel free to add your experiences or questions to the discussion in any forum.  Some community members talk about solar on as well.

You don’t need to live in East Boulder County.  That’s just where it all started.

Learn more about how you can go solar (for less!)

An informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 5:30pm in the Louisville Alfalfa’s Market community room.  East Boulder Solar Coalition and Custom Solar will be there to answer your questions – whether you know you want to go solar, or you’re just learning about the discounts or your solar system options.  Find out  what it’s all about.  Bring your neighbor!

Also see some discussion on EaBoSoCo’s Facebook page, or ask for more information via email or Twitter.

Additional Discounts for Solar! is a group that is sponsored by Boulder County to help homeowners throughout our area implement energy saving tools in our homes. They provide expert assistance in interpretation of contractor bids, and even go so far as to setup appointments for you with the contractors to come out to your home!

The best part is that depending on availability of funds you can receive rebates for having the work done on your home! This above and beyond the rebates from Xcel. Its Boulder’s way of saying, “Thank You” for doing your part.

They even have rebates based on income. The more that you research the more that you can find there are benefits to going green that add up to more then just your reduced energy bill and decreased carbon footprint!

Final Meeting to Select Company

Come join us in our final meeting for selecting a solar panel company!
We have narrowed the list to 3 companies and conducted interviews.  We will review the highlights and pros and cons.  Come provide your input!
  • Price?
  • Warranty?
  • Ability to lease?

Help us weigh the variables!

Tuesday, June 13 at 7:30 in Alfalfa’s meeting room on South Boulder (785 E. South Boulder Road).  Head to the back right of the store and go up the stairs.
Call with questions! 

Meeting to Evaluate Companies

The East Boulder Solar Coalition is meeting tonight at the Lafayette Library tonight (Tuesday 5/23 @5:30). The goal of this meeting is to evaluate the 3 solar companies to determine who meets the needs of our group the most. Some of the top questions we will be addressing include their warranties, longevity of the systems as well as how a group purchase works when considering purchases or financing & leasing. Our goal is to work with a supplier to achieve economies of scale. In other words, we group together to give them lots of business and they reduce the cost for us. If you have an interest in joining the group and learning more – tonight is a great night to get involved!

Meeting Tonight May 10 @ 7:30

We have gotten quite a few proposals so far from local companies, as well as more national ones.
The team is reviewing the options and we’ll work on a packet for tonight’s meeting! Please RSVP to for location details.
Additionally, after discussion with Kristi, I feel that trying to schedule vendor/installer presentations for next week would be too optimistic for our volunteer group.  Instead, on Monday I will check what venues are available for the following week.  At next week’s meeting we should narrow down our selection to a few companies and invite them for presentations.  Please let me know if have preferences regarding meetings, weekend afternoon vs weekday evening.
I am getting very excited!
Also, Mike Henry at Boulder Nissan has sent me a new email stating that he has new incentives from Nissan. I’ll try to follow up this weekend to find out what they’re offering.
Lisa H.