Interested in solar? Tell us your thoughts.

We are a handful of neighbors that decided to work together to buy solar panels at a reduced price and to promote green energy in our neighborhood. We call ourselves East Boulder Solar Coalition (EastBOSOCO!). One thing we have learned is that the cost side of solar is now a no-brainer. Leasing panels almost always results in immediate savings. And buying panels can save big money if you plan to be in your house a few years. Green energy at no additional cost!
If you are thinking about getting solar panels or thinking about thinking about it, please take our 8 question survey. This will help us know what type of deal to negotiate with solar installers.
None of us work in the solar industry, but we have benefited greatly from the expertise of Boulder County’s Sustainability office. If you have questions, comments, or just want to hang out with a small group of fun neighbors, email us at: