Meeting Tonight May 10 @ 7:30

We have gotten quite a few proposals so far from local companies, as well as more national ones.
The team is reviewing the options and we’ll work on a packet for tonight’s meeting! Please RSVP to for location details.
Additionally, after discussion with Kristi, I feel that trying to schedule vendor/installer presentations for next week would be too optimistic for our volunteer group.  Instead, on Monday I will check what venues are available for the following week.  At next week’s meeting we should narrow down our selection to a few companies and invite them for presentations.  Please let me know if have preferences regarding meetings, weekend afternoon vs weekday evening.
I am getting very excited!
Also, Mike Henry at Boulder Nissan has sent me a new email stating that he has new incentives from Nissan. I’ll try to follow up this weekend to find out what they’re offering.
Lisa H.