Next Meeting May 10!

Our team has received a few RFP responses already!  An RFP is a proposals from solar companies to give us DISCOUNTS! We are getting some late requests for the RFP, so she is working on extending the deadline.  Lisa:  We probably need to inform others that the deadline has been extended too.
Current thought is to still have our meeting on May 10 at 7:30–but we might use it to let some of the installers do presentations instead.  Will update folks once we know, but keep the date on your calendar.
Brad sent me an interesting new report on community solar efforts.  Here are two interesting tidbits:
  • On the business side, Solarize CT resulted in a statewide “20–20 rule.” Most campaigns ran for roughly 20 weeks and reduced the average cost of solar by 20 percent
  •  Over a six-month period, the presence of one solar rooftop project increased the average number of installations within a half-mile radius by nearly 50 percent
  • The full report can be found here:  It provides lots of great info on doing community outreach.
We have gotten 10 folks via the survey that are very interested in pursuing solar with us immediately and others that somewhere in the process.  PLEASE, PLEASE post again on your facebook page, your Nextdoor account, your HOA group, etc.  Here is what I posted.  Edit as you desire!